The Dead Sea

Day 4 - Ein Bokek: Julie floating in the Dead Sea.
Day 4 - Ein Bokek: Dead Sea beach-goers.
Day 4 - Ein Bokek: Some visitors cover themselves in Dead Sea mud before entering the water.
Day 5 - Road from Arad (where we stayed) to Ein Bokek.
Day 5 - Ein Gedi: Greg on a trail in Ein Gedi. Ein Gedi is a nature reserve and oasis in the dessert.
Day 5 - Ein Gedi: Greg and Julie playing in the waterfalls.
Day 5 - Ein Bokek: Greg sanding on a salt deposit in the Dead Sea.
Day 6 - Masada: Waiting before dawn for the Masada park to open, in order to make it to the top of the mountain before sun rise (it's apparently a thing). Masada is an ancient Castle on top of mountain. The ancient residents comitted mass suicide when it became clear they could not hold off an invading army. In the 20th century, Masada became an important symbol to the Zionist movement.
Day 6 - Masada: Top of Masada at dawn.
Day 6 - Masada: Julie and Greg atop Masada after a long pre-dawn hike. Julie didn't tell me we could have just taken the cable car up!
Day 6 - Masada: Julie on the way back down.

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