Tel Aviv

Day 6 - Tel Aviv: On Friday evening the streets are packed with families with small children.
Day 6 - Tel Aviv: Beach volleyball at night.
Day 7 - Tel Aviv: Greg and Julie with the Mediterranean coastline in the background.
Day 7 - Tel Aviv: Julie drinking tea in the Abraham Hostel lounge area. This was the largest hostel we have ever stayed in.
Day 7 - Tel Aviv: View of the city from the Google office.
Day 7 - Tel Aviv: Inside the Google office.
Day 7 - Ramat Gan: Poster session at Bar Ilan University.
Day 7 - Ramat Gan: Julie and Beena catching up in Beena's lab. Julie is wearing a "SQUID" hat (SQUID = Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device).
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: A Bauhaus-style building.
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: "Fire and Water Fountain" in Dizengoff Square.
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: Julie in the small Bauhaus Museum.
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: Beach.
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: More beach.
Day 8 - Tel Aviv: Dinner with Beena's lab at a fish restaurant.

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