The Galilee

Day 3 - Nazareth: Man carrying eggs through a street in Nazareth.
Day 3 - Nazareth: Church of the Annunciation: Depictions of the Annunciation (when Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel) from several nations.
Day 3 - Nazareth: Inside the Church of the Annunciation. Mary's Grotto (where Mary was believed to have lived) is inside the church (left side of photo).
Day 3 - Nazareth: View of Nazareth from the Church of the Annunciation grounds.
Day 3 - Nazareth: Pilgrims visiting the Synagogue Church, where Jesus is believed to have attended synagogue.
Day 3 - Nazareth: Pita pizza from a hole-in-the wall pizza joint.
Day 3 - Safed (Tsfat in Hebrew): The city of Safed is a center Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).
Day 3 - Safed (Tsfat): Local cheese shop. Here we met a family from Columbia while sampling the cheeses.
Day 3 - Safed (Tsfat): Rabbi talking with visitors in a Synagogue.

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