The North Coast

Day 1 - Haifa: View of the city taken from the Bahá'í Gardens.
Day 1 - Haifa: Exploring the Bahá'í Gardens with Ophir & Lindsey. The Bahá'í is a small religion with its main holy sites in Haifa, including these gardens.
Day 1 - Haifa: Greg By the Mediteranean Sea.
Day 2 - Acre (Akko in Hebrew): Ancient city wall on the Mediterranean.
Day 2 - Acre (Akko): Stray Cats and men smoking hookahs in an alleyway.
Day 2 - Acre (Akko): Turkish Baths Museum Exhibit.
Day 2 - Rosh HaNikra: A scenic spot on the northern border with Lebanon. A cable car brings you down to caves in the rocks.
Day 2 - Rosh HaNikra: Cliff faces.

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